Action This Day: Bletchley Park from the breaking of the Enigma Code to the birth of the modern computer

(Michael Smith and Ralph Erskine (eds.)) (Bantam Press, 2001) [543 + xv pp; £25]


Trafalgar Day (21 October 1941) Letter by Alexander, Milner-Barry, Turing & Welchman to Churchill

Dramatis Personae

Chapter 1: Bletchley Park in Pre-War Perspective (Christopher Andrew)

Chapter 2: The Government Code and Cypher School and the First Cold War (Michael Smith)

Chapter 3: Reminiscences on the Enigma (Hugh Foss)

Chapter 4: Breaking Air Force and Army Enigma (Ralph Erskine)

Chapter 5: Hut 6 From the Inside: Memories of a Wartime Codebreaker (Derek Taunt)

Chapter 6: Breaking Italian naval Enigma (Mavis Batey)

Chapter 7: Breaking Italian Naval Codes in Cairo (John Chadwick )

Chapter 8: An Undervalued Effort: How the British Broke Japan's Codes (Michael Smith)

Chapter 9: Most Helpful and Cooperative: GC&CS and the Development of American Diplomatic
                 Cryptanalysis, 1941-1942 (David Alvarez)

Chapter 10: Breaking Naval Enigma on Both Sides of the Atlantic (Ralph Erskine)

Chapter 11: Hut 8 From the Inside (Rolf Noskwith)

Chapter 12: Bletchley Park and the Birth of the Very Special Relationship (Stephen Budiansky)

Chapter 13: Mihailovic or Tito: How the Codebreakers Helped Churchill Choose (John Cripps)

Chapter 14: Traffic Analysis: A Log-reader's Tale (James Thirsk)

Chapter 15: Double Cross and D-Day (Michael Smith)

Chapter 16: Dilly Knox and the Breaking of the Abwehr Enigma (Keith Batey)

Chapter 17: Breaking Tunny and the Birth of Colossus (Shaun Wylie)

Chapter 18: Colossus and the dawning of the computer age (Jack Copeland)

Chapter 19: Enigma's Security: What the Germans Really Knew (Ralph Erskine)

Chapter 20: From Amateur to Agency: GC&CS and Institution-Building in SIGINT (Phillip H J Davies)

Chapter 21: Cold War Codebreaking: The Legacy of Bletchley Park (Richard J Aldrich)

Chapter 22: Bletchley Park in Post-War Perspective (Christopher Andrew)



I: Simple cipher used by "Snow" (First Double Cross agent)

II: Wehrmacht Enigma Indicating Systems, Except the Kriegsmarine's Kenngruppenbuch System

III: The Naval Enigma Kenngruppenbuch Indicator System — used with the main wartime ciphers

IV: Cillies