Reward Offers

You may have seen a report in some of today’s papers that BT Property has put up a reward of £5,000 for the return of the Abwehr Enigma machine.

You will also be aware that a private individual, who has requested ‘no personal publicity’ has pledged $1,000.

The Bletchley Park Trust is deeply grateful for this initiative, which we all hope may increase the chance of the machine being returned quickly and in good condition. Any further such pledges can be e-mailed to me directly at: The administration will be handled by the Trust’s finance director and we will make contact with all ‘pledgees’ to establish their preference on publicity.

Meanwhile, the police et al have been told that they can allocate whatever resources are necessary to solve this crime.

Word has spread very quickly and the Trust did radio broadcasts to parts of North America and New Zealand yesterday.

Christine Large.