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The research into the different variants of the Enigma machine was largely initiated by the authors’ desire to create authentic computer simulations of these cipher machines. The aim is to make the simulations as realistic as possible so that they can be used for serious study of the machines themselves as well as being valuable tools for cryptanalytical research. A further aim is to make the machines better known to the wider public, and not just to the few fortunate individuals and organisations that have access to the actual machines.
  • The Service Enigma (A/M3/M4)
  • The Railway Enigma
  • The T Machine
  • The Abwehr Machine
  • The K. D. Machine
  • The Swiss K Machine
  • The Commercial D Machine
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You can find more detailed information about these machines in our Cryptologia article:
Hamer, David H., Sullivan, Geoff and Weierud, Frode;
Enigma Variations: An Extended Family of Machines(Updated version of our Cryptologia article)
Cryptologia. 22(3), July, 1998, pp. 211‐229.
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